Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Upcoming Workshop - Lean Thinking & Value Stream Mapping

A powerful combination to improve your company’s performance

Introduction to Lean provides participants with the basic Lean concepts and principles. These concepts and principles will be described and put in context to explain how they can be applied within the Manufacturing environment.

Common Lean improvement tools and techniques will be identified and the class will discuss how best to apply these techniques from a Lean system perspective. The common mistake organizations make by focusing on "Point" improvements versus "System" improvement will be studied. Point improvements create ‘exciting chaos’ while "System" improvement creates dramatic sustainable bottom line benefits.

This second half of the day is designed to provide participants with an introduction to Value Stream Mapping.

Enterprise Value Stream Mapping is a critical Lean technique that provides an end-to-end "Systems" perspective for analysis and coordinated improvement. Value Stream Mapping creates an overall road map and shared vision, plus an actionable plan.

A value stream is the set of all activities, from order to delivery, used to provide a product or service to clients. Understanding and improving processes as integrated end-to-end systems is fundamental to real and sustainable improvement.

Target Audience: These interactive sessions are specifically designed for personnel at all levels of a manufacturing organization who would like to enhance their working knowledge of Lean and Value Stream Mapping. This training is especially valuable to those who are involved in process management, continuous improvement, or process redesign. The workshop will also act as a springboard and prerequisite for an upcoming series of Lean workshops that will continually take the participants’ knowledge and ability to the next level of capability and confidence.

Workshop Objective:
Enable you to discover how Lean Thinking and Value Stream Mapping can get you started on your Lean Journey that will, in turn, enable your company to:
• Streamline processes
• Reduce costs
• Improve quality
• Improve profitability
• Prepare for growth

Date: February 19, 2015
Time: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
7:30 am sign-in, continental breakfast, lunch provided
Location: Owego Treadway, Owego, NY
Cost: $250 ($200 for AM&T Associates)
or contact Kathy Peacock at
607-774-0022 x308

Don’t Miss this Workshop - Register Early

Meet your Instructor: Carol has over 25 years experience in the manufacturing and service sectors. She has a broad-based background in Operations and Project Management, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and Technology Integration. Carol has worked in a variety of operations and management functions at several companies. She joined the MEP Program in 1996 and provided consulting services in the design and implementation of manufacturing best practices in Long Island and New Jersey prior to joining AM&T in 2004. Carol has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and an M.S. in Management of Technology from Polytechnic University. She is a member of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) and an AME NE Region Board member, and is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Carol leads AM&T’s Lean effort.

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NYSERDA Economic Development Growth Extension (EDGE) Program

NYSERDA offers a wide range of programs to help businesses across NYS become more energy efficient and use more renewable energy. These programs give New Yorkers access to funding, technical expertise, and information about proven clean-energy technologies and processes that reduce energy waste, save money, and protect the environment.

What EDGE Offers: The EDGE Program offers local, regionally-based access to the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) energy efficiency, renewable energy and research and development programs. EDGE Regional Outreach Contractors provide information and guidance to industrial, commercial, institutional, municipal and residential customers.

EDGE Regional Outreach Contractors Can Help You By:
• Matching energy project needs with the available NYSERDA funding opportunities and other economic development resources and assisting with the application process.
• Creating partnerships to encourage the development and implementation of local energy projects that spur investment and job growth.
• Supporting the efforts of the Regional Economic Development Councils; providing information and assistance to identified priority projects.
• Helping organizations and businesses build opportunities and create jobs by providing access to NYSERDA programs that encourage sustainability and resiliency.
• Educating business owners, community leaders, homeowners and the public on the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable technologies.
• Providing assistance to energy-related businesses and entrepreneurs through initiatives that increase awareness of local and NYSERDA business assistance services available to early-stage, clean-energy businesses.

For more information visit  or contact the Southern Tier’s EDGE Regional Outreach Contractors:

For Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Delaware, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, and Tompkins Counties:

Michael Straight
Office: 607-962-3021 x117
Mobile: 607-207-7689
eMail :

Joseph Ponzi
Office: 607-962-3021 x116
Mobile: 607-425-7129
eMail :

Call Jim Cunningham at 607-725-1225 for help with NYSERDA EDGE

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Made in the Southern Tier Increase Your Exposure – add your company to this FREE directory of manufacturers

Last month, AM&T launched Made in the Southern Tier – an online directory that showcases our region’s companies and the vast array of products that are manufactured here.

Inclusion in the directory is free to all Southern Tier manufacturers. Benefits include:
• Enhanced exposure to top-level search engines such as Google
• Greater likelihood that world-wide customers can find you
• Ease of finding regional suppliers and partners for your production needs
• One source for regional companies to find manufacturing suppliers

In addition to descriptive text and contact information, the company profiles include logos, product images, videos, and more – a comprehensive yet compact showcase.

More at Click on "About the Directory" or "View Manufacturers".

To qualify for inclusion in the directory, a company must be a manufacturer, with a NAICS code between 311, Food Manufacturing and 339, Miscellaneous Manufacturing. Also, the company must be located in one of the following New York counties: Broome, Chemung, Chenango, Delaware, Schuyler, Steuben, Tioga, and Tompkins. When a new company profile is submitted, it will be reviewed and confirmed by AM&T staff before it appears in the directory.

If you represent a Southern Tier manufacturer and would like to include your company in the directory at no cost, please complete the information form at:

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How to Write a Good Press Release

Here are five tips to help you write the ultimate B2B press release:
  1. Develop and tell a coherent, compelling story. What makes your company tick? How do you delight your customers? What sets you apart from the pack?
  2. Don’t just tout your product or service. Develop key messages that answer the question: Why should anyone care?
  3. Use plain English. Avoid obscuring your message by using industry jargon and talking "inside baseball."
  4. Get your reader to engage. Use compelling elements such as data, visuals, and infographics to illustrate your points. And include a call-to-action that drives people to a landing page.
  5. Hook yourself to a star. Tie what you’re doing to something happening in the news–especially if it’s in your sector or a targeted vertical market. Shine brighter in the reflected light of someone in the news.
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Background information:
• Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms: The NYS TAAC is one of eleven regional centers throughout the nation providing assistance under the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The NYS Trade Assistance Adjustment Center provides assistance to New York State based manufacturing firms who are competing against imported products and or services.
• Types of Assistance projects: Management, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Lean Manufacturing, Engineering, and Quality Management Systems Compliance Registration.
• Funding Options:
    • $150,000 at 50% firm and 50% government or
    • $30,000 at 25% firm and 75% government.
• Funding Approval Process: eligibility certification, development of an action plan or adjustment proposal, and project implementation.
• Certification criteria: recent declines in sales and employment due in part to import competition.

All interaction and information is completely confidential.


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7 Must-Dos Early This Year

By: Miles Jennings

Now that the New Year has arrived, it’s time to make some smart moves to set up your company for an even better year.

Here’s a seven-point checklist for entrepreneurs:

1) Set the stage for growth. Can your company accommodate the growth forecast for next year? Review your projections for this year and be sure to plan appropriately in each area of the budget.
Do you have the sales staff to meet the revenue goals? Have you adequate office space to accommodate the hires? How will an increased number of clients strain customer service? Will an increased amount of traffic affect Internet costs?

2) Get the books in order.
If you haven’t been doing your books monthly and paying taxes or setting aside money, you’re on the naughty list. Perhaps you haven’t spent enough time reviewing the numbers and the company’s performance.
Be sure to examine the financial reports carefully and compare the changes from years past. Note if any results are off and make a plan to push the numbers in the right direction next year.

3) Gather with staff.
You might be thinking about your business all the time, but it’s easy to not communicate your thoughts with staff. You might have changed the company’s direction or added services without bringing everyone to the table.
This is a great time to reflect on the company’s performance, talk about challenges and accomplishments and plan for the year ahead. Have a meeting to discuss past performance and challenges ahead.

4) Seek out savings.
Big expenses that hold the promise of significant growth dominate your thoughts. Look at any big-ticket items for next year and figure out if you can pay them off for a guaranteed savings.
Monthly software services, for example, often grant 20 percent off to those who pay a year in advance. Likewise a landlord might offer a 10 percent discount if rent is furnished for the entire year. Spot these savings and make an investment now. You’ll save money over the long haul.

5) Evaluate the company’s technology.
When you review past performance, be aware of how staffers have used existing systems. Probably members of your team live and die by certain software programs but use others infrequently. Sometimes if employees aren’t using a certain software program, a system or a piece of equipment, they don’t understand it.
Other times, the use case isn’t real and your team just doesn’t need the software. Consider eliminating any unused systems.

6) Set goals.
The best goals are framed to be actionable. But it’s easy to forget this when setting longer-term objectives.
Well, it might be nice to say you’ve adopted a goal to increase sales 40 percent. But how? Know that adopting any goal requires a change in behavior. So what are you and your staff about to do differently? Are you shifting your approach to focus on products that sold well this year?
Will the company do more marketing? What will you and your staff do differently next year that will effect enough positive change to reach your goals? Create a specific action plan and arrive at a consensus and an understanding of the new behaviors required.

7) Contribute.
Arrange for charitable giving for the selfish reasons of a tax write-off or good publicity. Or do so unselfishly because you’re an awesome person. But take time to contribute something before the year’s end.
Consider matching employee gifts to a charity that’s engaged in a similar area as your company is. Making a donation of your time or money helps build a sense of purpose for your staff and your company.

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Associates Corner - Hardinge

Hardinge is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of machine tools, specializing in SUPER PRECISION(TM) and precision CNC lathes, high performance machining centers, high-end cylindrical and jig grinding machines, and technologically advanced workholding & rotary products.

Hardinge’s products are distributed to most of the industrialized markets around the world with approximately 65% of the 2013 sales outside of North America. Hardinge has a very diverse international customer base and serves a wide variety of end-user markets. This customer base includes metalworking manufacturers which make parts for a variety of industries, as well as a wide range of end users in the aerospace, agricultural, transportation, basic consumer goods, communications and electronics, construction, defense, energy, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, and recreation industries, among others.

Hardinge has manufacturing operations in the United States, Switzerland, Taiwan, and China.

Hardinge utilizes the Lean Principles in Manufacturing, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management for continuous improvement activities throughout its operations. Hardinge is ISO 9001 certified, a former Baldrige finalist and one of the Top 50 Companies in America.

For more information, visit:

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Associates Corner - Stamped Fittings

Stamped Fittings, Inc., located in Elmira Heights, is a yellow label union manufacturer of quality heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) products. Family owned and operated since 1997, the company started in a 4,000 square foot facility with a three person staff. Today, with 30 employees and a 45,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility, they continue to provide a complete product line of mass produced HVAC components for the spiral pipe industry.

Die stamped elbows, offering the widest variety of materials, sizes and gauges in the industry are Stamped Fittings specialty. Their complete line of HVAC spiral pipe components are manufactured with the latest technology to allow consistent quality and precise tolerances for a proper fit.

Stamped Fittings employees are highly trained members of the Sheet Metal Workers, local #112 Union. The quality products they produce are shipped to companies in the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

For more information, visit:

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Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)

The mission of the CCMR’s Industrial Partnerships Program is to facilitate active collaboration between the CCMR and industry, foster technology transfer, strengthen the links between university-based research and its applications, and promote economic development. Beneficial collaborations between industry representatives and the extensive materials expertise developed by over 110 CCMR faculty members from 12 different departments are cultivated through a variety of activities, including: joint research projects, problem-solving semester-long projects with matching funds from NYSTAR, symposia, and workshops. Some of these programs are specifically designed to support NY State startups and small businesses. Their partners include large and small businesses from NY State and beyond.

To help you identify the most appropriate academic partner, faculty members have been grouped under research themes:
• Biomaterials and Bio-inspired Materials
• Electronics and Photonics
• Energy
• Fiber Science
• Food Science
• General Materials Research
• Green Materials
• Nanotechnology
• Polymer Outreach Program (POP)

For more information, visit:

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